Botosonic is HIFU(High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) device, which means the equipment to be used by sonic power, not used by the light power.  It is new concept therapeutic device. HIFU energy makes the selective Thermal coagulative change on SubQ or SMAS layer without hurting the ambient tissues for Face Lifting. The new concept is differentiated from the current rejuvenation modality.

What is the Treatment of HIFU Device ?

HIFU device is the equipment to make use of heating treatment method. 

The ultrasound energy to be produced in the ultrasound transducer is emitted into the target tissue for raising the temperature to create thermal coagulation point to SMAS and deep dermis layers, which resulted in contraction and emodeling of the tissues. 

This method is quite safe because there is no surrounding heating than the target  points.  The effect of tissue contraction for SMAS layer makes the skin lifting and the effect for collagen layer remodeling by the simulation of HIFU makes the skin tightening.

■ The sensor function to avoid one dot staying.
■ The effect maximization by energy control.
■ Optimal parameters for areas.
■ Precise and various operation time.
■ GUI for operator conveniences.
■ The reasonable pricings for consumables.
■ Compact sizes for transportation.

▶ Deliver HIFU into the target layers fractionally

▶ Cause the thermal damage to the tissues such as Dermis and SMAS

▶ Through a few months recovering periods from wound, skin lifting and tightening occurs. here.

Botosonic delivers the HIFU energy to the depth of 4.5mm and 3.0mm, which are located in SMAS layer, Fascia and deep dermis to from the thermal coagulation zones.
By contracting the fascia muscles, the immediate effects for skin lifting accurse.
Also by stimulating the collagen layers in deep dermis, the skin tightening can be occurring.

BOTOSONIC PLUS has the merit point to treat any color people. (color blind)
1. The sensor functions to avoid one dot staying.
2. The effect maximization by energy control.
3. Optimal parameters for areas.
4. Precise and various operation time.
5. GUI for operator conveniences.
6. The reasonable pricings for consumables.
7. Compact sizes for transportation.