A-TONE(IPL) is multi-functional aesthetic devices for toning, hair removal, pigment and vascular lesions.
What is the A-TONE?

A-TONE is the next generation TONING & HIGH QUALITY IPL based on A2PL which is AMT’s major equipment to be differentiated from the existing IPL’S. 

A-TONE is famous for the excellent treatment efficacy and safety to be applied by AMT Engineering company’s engineering power for low voltage power supply which makes the specific wave light penetrated into the deep skin selectively, PIP system(Pulse In Pulse System), and the independent and effective lamp designing. 

Especially, this equipment can treat the LIGHT PIGMENTS in the deep skin, which the existing IPL cannot treat, efficient TONING with the PIP System and hair-removal without side effect
A-TONE overcomes the treatment limitation of the existing IPL machines by applying with the PIP system(pulse in pulse system) on the technical grounds of perfect square pulse performances with the instant high peak power.

This technic makes to deliver the same energy at the relatively short emission time by using of instant high peak power enhancement and PIP system.

What is Pulse in Pulse?

• Single mili-second pulse consists of many micro-second small pulse; 10 small microsecond pulses in 1msec pulse 
• Can select on and off time of irradiation in single pulse
• Deliver same energy in relatively short time with high peak power; less epidermal damage and pain
• Especially, recalcitrant pigmentary problems in dark-skin people, PIP system can be a good solution.

▣ Optimized lamp design & power supply of AMT

▶ Efficient system using low energy power supply
▶ Advanced Flash Lamp
▶ Concentrated effective beam(400-800nm)
▶ Filter over 800nm beam
▶ Safe and precise treatment
▶ High Quality IGBT and larger capacitor  Square Pulse & Stable Fluence 

▶A.R Handpiece is used for treatment of pigment, freckles, blemishes, Acne, Vascular and Hair removal.
   • Basic 560nm: Pigment treatment / Acne, Vascular(for bright skin) treatment
   • Filter 585nm: Vascular treatment.
   • Filter 700nm: Hair removal treatment.

You are easy to adapt the filters on the tip of handpiece and filters are 700nm for HAIR REMOVAL and 585nm for VASCULAR.
▶A-TONE emits a specific pulse to deep skin selectively based on low voltage of power supply designed by AMT Engineering's exclusive technology and PIP System(Pulse in Pulse System) which provides patient with very stable and outstanding results of treatment.

• Very light pigment (AR Handpiece/ 560nm)
• Toning (Toning Handpiece)
• Hair removal (700nm Filter)
• Melasma (Toning Handpiece)
• Vascular lesion(585nm Filter)
• Acne (AR Handpiece/ 560nm)

▶TONING Handpiece is used for mode TONING and treatment of MELASMA, PIH. / (Toning wave length 600~750nm)